In 1939 William (Bill) D. Mullins started a small re-cap shop in an old building in East Third Street in Dayton, Ohio. Someone, long before, had painted it yellow, thus the name. Bill was 30 years old, and had worked in other re-cap shops most of his life.

The good looking guy on the right is our founder, Bill Mullins. The elderly gentleman kneeling is his father, the current owners grandfather. Next is Bill's brother Jim, and the man on the left is lost to posterity, though he worked for Bill for many years.

In 1942, Bill bought a 130 acre farm on Valley Street in Dayton, moved the family into the farm house, and the re-cap operation into one of the barns. He changed the name to "Mullins Tire and Rubber Company".

For the next 12 years the re-cap business and the family grew. By 1954, cheap two and four ply tires were available, and most small re-cap operations in the country shut down. Bill saw it coming and had started to move into molded goods, getting closer to where we are today.

The business grew slowly, and for the next several years we molded anything and everthing that came along, gaining experience and knowledge about the molding industry as we went.

In the mid 1960's we began molding heavy duty truck trailer suspension bushings, and have been doing so ever since. We bring 60+ years in the rubber industry, and 40 years of specialized experience in suspension bushings.

Today the sons and grandson of Bill Mullins carry on the Mullins tradition of service and quality. We also have fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, and soon grandsons carrying on their own tradition of service and quality in our plant and office. We've come a long way from "The Yellow Front Tire Shop", but we always carry a bit of it with us.
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