Our molding process uses two basic types of molds. Compression Mold and Transfer Mold.

In a compression mold, the rubber, and the insert (if any) are placed in the cavity. The part is formed by simply compressing the rubber into the shape of the mold.

In a transfer mold, the rubber is placed in a pot at the top of the mold, Pressure forces the rubber down through the sprues, into the cavity, around the insert (if any), forming the rubber to the shape of the cavity.

Both types of molds, Compression and Transfer, are placed in presses, these presses are heated to about 300 degrees F., and closed under pressure. The combination of heat and pressure "cures" or vulcanizes the rubber into a molded part. The rubber and insert stay in the mold, and the mold closed during the entire curing cycle. This normally takes about 30 minutes.
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